Hawthorn - Mother Tincture



Hawthorn is used as:
- powerful and effective cardiotonic , toxicity - free; cardiac sedation: palpitations, tonsillitis, cardiac neurosis, tachycardia, arrhythmia.
- hypotensor: normalizes the blood pressure acting on the heart and the blood vessels through the autonomic nervous system;
- antispasmodic and downer;
- slightly hypnotic since it favors the normal sleep in the evening hours, but it does not induce listlessness in daytime;
- light diuretic
- natural downer in case of nervous irritability, stress, anguish, general anxiety, pre-exams;

- menopause disorders, leg venous spasms, varicose veins, tinnitus, vertigo.

Texts from:
Piergiorgio Chiereghin, Farmacia verde manuale di fitoterapia, Ed. Edagricole, 2011
Enrica Campanini, Dizionario di fitoterapia e piante medicinali, Ed. Tecniche nuove, 2004


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