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SWEDISH BITTER - 35% vol 200ml

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200 ml


Maria's formula of Swedish Bitters represents the essence of skill, knowledge, and experience in producing the finest herbal bitters available. Flora has carefully selected and tested the herbs to achieve the highest quality and potency and prevent deseases such as: headache, arthritis, ulcers, fistulas, tinnitus, sinusitis...

It contains all herbs from Maria Treben's original recipe  (Aloe, Angelica, Turmeric, Rhubarb, Senna, Teriaca, Manna, Myrrh and Saffron) macerated in water and alcohol (35% vol.).

Bottle 200 ml

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200 ml]

EXTERNAL USE: May be used for massage. INTERNAL USE: May be diluted with water or herbal tea. 

Alcohol, Hydroalcoholic extracts of: Cassia, Natural Chinese Camphor, Rhubarb, Turmeric, Manna, Teriaca Veneta, Angelica, Aloe, Carmine, Myrrh, Saffron.

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